Colour management solutions providers, GMG and Barbieri Electronic have announced a new strategic partnership, with the intent to provide exceptional colour management solutions for the large format printing sector.

According to the agreement, GMG will offer a special sales bundle including GMG colourServer 4.6, the latest version of GMG's well-known colour management solution for fully automatic colour space transformations, available end of October 2009, and Barbieri's popular spectrophotometer, the Spectro LFP RT.

With the assistance of a new, easy to use, profiling system to calibrate a wide range of print devices, GMG colourServer and the Barbieri Spectro LFP RT can be used to achieve perfect colour quality. This is especially true for mixed environments with various front-end RIPs for different print systems. All output devices in use at the end user's production site can be harmonised to a dedicated colour standard. This is also applicable in so called 'hybrid' production environments melding different printing, such as offset, digital and large format printing.

The Spectro LFP RT is suited for every application where accurate colour in digital printing is required. Together with GMG colourServer, this is the ideal colour management solution to meet the demands of industrial digital printing and inkjet printing on every media, including special ones such as cardboard, banners, backlit film, fabrics, silk, plastic plates, wood, stone, and ceramic plates.

The most important features of the spectrophotometer are:

- Automatic transmissive and reflective measurements in one device
- Switchable measuring aperture (2 and 6mm) - 2mm for high resolution prints on media with high quality surface, 6mm for low resolution prints or structured/textured surfaces
- Special optics for UV printer requirements to get most accurate measurements, as UV prints have a unique surface

"The new partnership between GMG and Barbieri is a great opportunity for both companies to establish high quality colour management solutions for the large format production market. As expectations on colour accuracy and repeatability are increasing in the digital and large-format printing sectors, we, together with Barbieri, are delighted to provide customers the benefits of our common outstanding colour management and measuring know-how," says Paul Willems, CEO of GMG GmbH & Co. KG.

Wolfgang Passler, International Sales and Marketing Manager of Barbieri electronic snc, states, "Within this partnership, the outstanding colour management knowledge of GMG and the excellent colour measuring technology of Barbieri electronic are combined to create a synergistic force. This results in a new solution that delivers a high level of colour accuracy, while the entire colour management and printing workflow is simplified."


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