At Print 09 , EFI has announced Web Control Center, a web-based application that connects, monitors and controls proofing and printing at all remote sites in a production workflow.

Web Control uses JDF communications to interact with Fiery RIP solutions (EFI Colorproof XF and Fiery XF v4.0) at any location via EFI proven web hosting capabilities.

It uses EFI technology to combine colour measurement, distribution and communications, resulting in real-time accurate data combined with two-way colour management communications. The system is designed to provide the most efficient and flexible way of managing and controlling remote sites, to streamline and automate the production workflow, and to significantly reduce job turnaround time and costs.

The application delivers device and verification status information as reported by the connected EFI XF RIP solutions. It delivers alerts and e-mail notification for status information. Web Control Center can be fully automated for onsite proofing and printing on printers with embedded spectrophotometers. As a result, Web Control Center acts as the link between any remote sites participating in a supply chain and is a key application for remote proofing and printing task because it connects, monitors and controls your remote workflow. Web Control Center also enables print job distribution, colour management, and production for multi-site print businesses with EFI VUTEk, EFI Rastek and EFI Jetrion devices.

Using ISO, GRACoL or SWOP compliant criteria, the system monitors all relevant information about the job, print out and verification results.

The verification results of sender and receiver sites can be compared directly. An alert and e-mail notification system provides an easy and comfortable way of getting process status information at all relevant process steps.

"The addition of Web Control Center completes EFI's current remote proofing and printing workflow," said Stefan Spiegel, general manager of EFI Graphic Arts Solutions. "It communicates job data between the different remote sites and monitors remote sites' workstations, printers and print results. Users can be confident that the correct job was completed and printed within colour specs and with a complete audit trail. With the EFI Web Control Center, printers can send proofs to agencies, print buyers, publishers, other remote printing sites - to anyone, anywhere in a colour supply chain with absolute confidence in the quality of the output."

Jobs can be easily distributed to a different site - an intelligent four-tier admin/user management defines the user rights and facilities can be summarized and published as a cluster.

Web Control Center is built as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, minimising the set-up and maintenance operations needs for organisations.  By leveraging EFI's vast experience operating very large, proven industry-specific SaaS applications for solutions, such as EFI Digital StoreFront, users can be assured of maximum operational time with minimum disruption to their current IT infrastructure.   


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