Epson has strengthened its 880 range of large format printers with the addition of the compact and competitively priced Epson Stylus Pro 3880.

The Epson 3880 is ideal for creative professionals such as graphic designers and advanced-amateur to professional photographers, media agencies and small businesses.

styluspro3800.gifThe print engine design of the Pro 3880 gives it a footprint that comfortably operates in small office and studio environments where space is at a premium.

Epson is the largest supplier of printers for prepress applications in Australia, and Epson’s research shows that 86% of Australian professional photographers use an Epson printer in their business, and 88% of those who print large format (A3 to A1 size) choose an Epson printer to produce their images.*

The innovative Pro 3880 will print gallery quality photos for professional and amateur photographers, colour accurate proofs for design studios, media agencies and printing companies, and ready to frame enlargements for photo studios and photographic stores.  BorderFree™ prints can be made on both photographic and fine art paper from 6 x 4 inch up to A2 size, and striking black and white prints are produced with the three black UltraChromeK3 inkset.

The nine individual high capacity 80ml cartridges of UltraChromeK3 with Vivid Magenta pigment inks, including matte black and photo black, and the ability to print on Epson’s full range of photographic and fine art media, make the Pro 3880 is economical to run and extremely versatile.

With eight active cartridges the Pro 3880 automatically switches between matte black and photo black ink according to the paper selected, has three paper feeding paths for manual and automatic feeding and handles cut paper up to 17 inches [A2] wide and up to 1.5mm thick.

UltraChromeK3 with Vivid Magenta resin coated pigment ink has a wider colour gamut than silver halide prints and has a colour range much wider than most photographers would need to use.  The Vivid Magenta ink expands the colour gamut dramatically, especially in the blue and red areas of the spectrum.

The Pro 3880 has Epson’s patented ink repelling coating technology on the MicroPiezo printhead, as in the larger printers in the 880 range, which improves accuracy of the dot placement on media resulting in improved print quality.  With its 1 inch wide printhead and Epson’s renowned Variable Sized Droplet Technology, the Pro 3880 produces stunning high quality images in remarkable print times.

To complement the enhancements introduced by Epson UltraChromeK3 ink with Vivid Magenta, the Pro 3880 uses Epson’s Image Processing Technology, a new image half toning algorithm that improves print speed, produces more stable half tones, and even better print quality in both high and low resolution print modes, by reducing grain size, improving gamut smoothing, and virtually eliminating metamerism.

With Mac and Windows compatibility, and USB2.0 and Ethernet connectivity, the Pro 3880 is ready for immediate work in any studio, home office or small business.

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