Aslan has widened its glass decoration product range with the introduction of the first photo-luminescent glass decoration film. Aslan NL 149 is a translucent film that has a sandblasted look, which is luminescent and chargeable on both sides.

It is digitally printable and suitable for plotter cutting, and therefore offers a wide variety of creative indoor and outdoor applications such as night light decorations in children’s bedrooms.

Also new is the translucent pastel-coloured product line Aslan EC 50 with an etch effect.. This effect is visible on both sides of the film.  Available colours include yellow, rosé, light blue and mint and all are digitally printable with prevalent inks.

Lastly,  the new Aslan E 304 has a frosted effect. Its high density of metallic pigments ensures a nice glittery effect, especially from a close range or on top of dark surfaces.

 aslan_nl149.jpg  aslan_ec50.jpg  aslan_e304.jpg

 NL 149



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