Tattoo Film gives a the two-tone-effect gives a distinguished look, differentiating it from other vehicles.

Prayna Prasad, Marketing Coordinator for Avery Graphics told Wide Format Online that the new film is ideal for unique applications. The film has been developed with black pigments together with metal flakes showing a darker shade on a lighter coloured substrate and a lighter shade on a darker coloured substrates.

“There is a growing trend in the personalisation of vehicles. Our new Tattoo Film can individualise a vehicle and is perfect for specialised applications giving a dynamic vibe to any surface” she said.

This durable cast vinyl has excellent cutting and weeding properties and has the capability of being screenprinted.

Ideal for flat to curved surfaces Avery’s Tattoo Film can be used for lettering or decorations on vehicles, decals for shop fronts, as well as outdoor and recreational graphics and has a 5 year vertical durability.

Avery Graphics

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