GJS Machinery has announced the availability of a new range of automatic screen printing machines from Keywell.

This new product range includes Keywell Automatic Continuous Multi-Colour Screen Printing Machines, Keywell Cylinder Screen Printing Machines and Keywell Automatic Glass Printers.

keywell_cylinder_machine.gifThe Keywell Automatic Continuous Multi Colour Screen Printing Machine has a unique moving base system that enables users to print onto many different substrates not possible on competing griper systems. Suitable substrates include corflute, pressure sensitive vinyl, corrugated board, plastic, acrylic, glass, metal, aluminium and wood.

Available in five models, the KY918GX-4 Automatic Continuous Multi-Colour machine can print onto substrates up to 920mm x 1830mm while the flagship KY1836GX model can print onto substrates up to 1800mm x 3660mm. Each model is fitted with a twin UV lamp curing system suitable for both small and large prints. The touch screen allows the operator to precisely adjust the automatic micro-adjustable registration system for all heads, flooder and speed controls.

The Keywell Automatic Full-Turn Cylinder Printing Machine is suitable for printing four-colour halftone stickers, decals, rub removable ‘scratchie’ ink, UV clearing or varnishing onto substrates including paper, light board and polycarbonate. Available in three different sizes and each available in two different speed ratings. Each model is fitted with touch screen, 360° vacuum cylinder and is manufactured using the highest quality motors and components.

The Keywell Glass Printing Machines are available in fully automatic, semi automatic and three-quarter automatic format in a total of nineteen different configurations to suit any application. They are all manufactured with the best quality steel, aluminium alloy, components and are all CE certified. Standard features include Mitsubishi servo motor, inverter and PLC, THK linear bearings, SEW eurodrive brake motors and stand alone pneumatic cylinders.

“The Keywell automatic screen printing range is the perfect addition to our extensive range of equipment." said Graham Stone, Managing Director – GJS Machinery.


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