Wide Format Online spoke to Patrick Turner today after the news broke that he was to leave CPI having set up the HP Scitex sales and support infrastructure at CPI these last six months or so.

One couldn't help but read between the lines of our conversation that whilst Patrick and CPI parted on amicable terms, there was an element of frustration in the role since  he describes himself as a hands-on sales and strategic marketing man, first and foremost. Having said that, HP themselves have a growing team of sales and marketing people for their Scitex business and their major requirement from CPI in this arena is the vital, but back-end responsibilities of logistics and support.


 Patrick Turner at Pacprint earlier this year

Patrick felt that he had done the job that was required to be done at CPI by helping them engage with the various parts of the HP organisation and understand the requirements of industrial large format digital printing customers, to ensure that they had the infrastructure in place for the company to continue to expand as more and more HP high end machines are installed.  And having seen this agency move from Access Imaging, to GSA and then to Anitech, he is convinced that CPI will become the best partner for the HP Scitex business, with the right combination of  financial and organisational strength, unquestioned logistics expertise, high-end machinery sales and support experience and the determination to succeed.

He did say that a new wave of high speed (over 200 m²/hr) machines, primarily targeted at  traditional screen-printing applications was about to hit the market and admitted that he felt sorry that he would not be around to help position and market these new devices.  He said that he’s experienced the steep learning curve that both print service providers and vendors go through with this type of technology transition during the introduction of the HP Scitex TJ8500 three years ago and believes that we will see the same requirements repeated with this next wave.

HP have already announced that at least one new machine will be launched at Viscom Düsseldorf in October (1-3 October). He would not comment on this new machine or any other citing his non-disclosure agreement with HP.

Patrick indicated that he is not in a hurry to find a new role for himself but is obviously keen to talk to anybody that would like to utilise his expertise in this growing sector of high speed wide format printing.

Patrick can be contacted at 0411 275 290.

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