BERTL, the US-based independent analyst on digital imaging devices and workflow solutions, has awarded seven of its 2007 Best Awards to Océ.

BERTL analysts singled out Océ hardware and software for both small and wide format applications in three award categories.

According to BERTL, these coveted industry prizes “show the breadth and scope of the Dutch multinational’s technological innovations, and also demonstrate the company’s commitment to producing valuable products.”

Océ scored its highest number of awards in the Wide Format category. The Océ TDS450 was singled out as a durable, entry-level system with features usually only found in higher end models. BERTL also recognised zero warm-up time, radiant fusing technology and on-the-fly toner replacement as important contributor’s to the system’s overall productivity.

The Océ TDS600/700/800 distinguished themselves for their robust construction, scalability and suitability for a wide range of printing environments. The Océ TCS500 won its wide format colour award for its unattended printing capability and Dynamic Switching mode amongst other features.

Océ Repro Desk was recognised as a powerful job submission tool that automates the print production process and gives users peace of mind.

Océ received two awards in the Departmental category. The Océ cm3521/cm4520 (US) CS191/CS230 (Europe) were recognised for their document security features and flexible colour management that allows both novice users and colour specialists to produce high quality documents.

The Océ VarioPrint 1055/1065/1075/2062/2075 were also honoured in this category. The range was noted for its mixed batch scanning functionality and the convenient ability to scan documents directly to a USB memory stick. In the Light / Mid Production category, the Océ VarioPrint 2100/2110 Titanium was acclaimed for its versatile production class printing capabilities, offset print quality and seamless integration with Océ PRISMA, the printing industry’s leading software suite.

Jan Dix, Senior Executive Vice President Océ Digital Document Systems and member of the Board of Executive Directors said “It’s great to see that a wide range of Océ products has been chosen as the best of 2007 by independent analysts. This proves our commitment to deliver the best product portfolio to our customers with our direct sales and service organisation.”

Award-winning products
After reviewing hundreds of digital imaging devices and software on the global market, BERTL gave the following awards to Océ products in its 2007 list:
* Océ TDS450 – Best Centralized Low Volume Wide Format Solution
* Océ TCS500 – Best Mid Volume AEC Colour Wide Format Solution
* Océ TDS600/700/800 Pro Series– Best Centralized High Volume Wide Format Solution
* Océ Repro Desk – Best Wide Format AEC Job Submission Utility
* Océ cm3521/cm4520 (US) CS191/CS230 (Europe) – Best Departmental Colour MFP Range with an Outstanding Print Feature Set
* Océ VarioPrint 1055/1065/1075/2062/2075 – Best Departmental Monochrome MFP Range with an Outstanding Scan Feature Set
* Océ VarioPrint 2100/2110 Titanium – Best Light / Mid Production Monochrome MFP Range with an Outstanding Copy Feature Set.

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