Wide Format Online has achieved a new record of 950 wide format printing readers per day this month and 80% of these coming from Australia and New Zealand.

The staff at the magazine are truly excited at this fantastic growth, especially since it cannot be linked to any specific promotion that would result in such a huge surge.


 Readership stats taken from Webstat. Columns in yellow show visits/readership.

2009 has seen the magazine's readership climb steadily from 11654 in January to what looks like a figure for August that will be close to 30000 for the month - a near 300% increase in local readers in 7 months.

The visitors and readership come from a wide spectrum of the graphic arts community including the sign and display industry, screen printers, commercial offset printers, textile printers and many others such as in house printers.

"We had a good PacPrint and our readership figures did shoot up from the Commercial Print sector in June as a result, but I really was not expecting the growth to continue to skyrocket the way it has," said Brian Stickland, publisher of Wide Format Online.

"We can track the pages that are the most popular and of course the 2nd hand equipment classified page comes out tops followed by the funny videos. These videos are changed twice a week.

"The Home Page and the various news pages, the Industry Forum are also up there with the most read pages followed by the directories.

"The bi-weekly newsletters drive the growth by directing traffic to the individual stories and we are presently sending out just over 7500 newsletters to our industry members.

"We have seen a large increase in the amount of "Click Throughs" from the stories in the newsletters to the relevant stories in the magazine.

"What is exceptionally gratifying is that the local component of our readership has remained pretty steady at about 80%. That means we are looking at about 24000 wide format readers from Australia and New Zealand for August.

"Google regularly finds our stories and transmits them all over the world and as a consequence we do gain some international readers which is nice. But this is not our market, we target our publication at the local audience and we shall continue to do so. I guess Australia and New Zealand will always be viewed with interest from our industry colleagues working in different countries.

"A big thank you to our readers and advertisers for their support," concluded Stickland.

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