Sihl 3181 outdoor backlit film and Sihl 3461 superdry light box film are two new films for aqueous printers.

3181 is a front print outdoor backlit film that produces brilliant images with both dye and pigment aqueous based inks. When printed with pigment ink, prints are long-lasting, can be displayed indoors or outdoors and remain brilliant. Main applications include; outdoor signage, exhibit displays, trade show graphics, subway advertising, bus stop graphics and any application that may be exposed to the elements.

SuperDry Light Box Film 175 is a translucent, SuperDry microporous coated polyester film for frontlit application. The film delivers impressive colour reproduction, a high transmission OD > 3 with pigmented inks and soft colour gradients with high resolution as well as excellent contour definition.

Thanks to the microporous SuperDry technology, the material achieves an unbeatably good photographic quality on all well-known inkjet printing systems, which is in many respects superior to laboratory produced results.

The very high level of colour saturation achieved allows a wider colour gamut. Even the natural reproduction of
achromatic colours combined with very deep blacks guarantees an exceptionally three-dimensional picture and a uniquely luminous quality.



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