For those applications requiring a high degree of flexibility, InstaCure SuperFlex could be your answer.

Drytac claim it is flexible enough to form around rivets and stretch into compound and complex curves, it is also thermo-formable.

The high gloss coating contains a blend of acrylate and non yellowing urethane UV curable polymers to give coated prints flexibility. The coating develops a tough exterior finish that is scratch and abrasion resistant and able to withstand the rigours of commercial truck washes using standard commercial cleaners.

Says Jim Tatum, Drytac’s liquid finishing division manager, “with coating costs as low as 6 cents per square foot and speeds of up to 60 linear feet per minute with our new roll to roll attachment, customers can now not only compete, but for the first time in a long time, make significant profits in this industry with this product application”

Drytac UK


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