EFI Fiery Command WorkStation 5, has exceeded 10,000 downloads since it was released on April 30.

Available at no additional cost to any Fiery device user on System 6 or later, Fiery Command WorkStation 5 (CWS5) unleashes the power of Fiery servers. The software centralises job management tasks via an intuitive, flexible interface that produces jobs faster, dramatically reduces operator mistakes, decreases waste, and can increase profitability for production printers. Additionally, with CWS5, users who already own Fiery imposition and composition options can upgrade to the Fiery SeeQuence Suite interface at no additional cost.

Fiery Command WorkStation is the recognised industry standard for production printing job management technology, serving as the window into the entire printing workflow. CWS5's intuitive interface simplifies complex jobs, regardless of the operators' experience, providing exceptional results at every stage of a job at two to three times the throughput speed of most competitive printing systems. It is compatible with most Fiery-driven engines in the production print environment, and supports identical features and functionality on both Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows systems. Fiery SeeQuence Suite is comprised of document composition and imposition functions that simplify and automate labour intensive document preparation tasks via an intuitive interface.

Tim Fazio, owner of PIP Printing in Brick, New Jersey (USA), said: "CWS5 puts all the tools I need to manage jobs right at my fingertips, and I estimate I'm gaining 10 percent in productivity on each job. The overall layout and interface are easier to use, especially on a laptop, and the software responds quickly to commands. One of the best new features is the Preview Pane, which immediately lets me double check the job set-up without any effort. I print a lot of books, and Command WorkStation's booklet features make it fast and simple to add pre-printed covers, insert sheets from different drawers, fold and saddle stitch, etc."

With significant enhancements gained directly from customer input, CWS5 is tailored to the unique needs of the production print market, from quick and commercial print providers to corporate reprographic departments, enabling them to produce quality documents reliably and expand services by easily handling higher profit, complex job requirements.

"Since we rolled out the new Fiery Command WorkStation and SeeQuence Suite three months ago we've seen tremendous end-user interest in the software. Over 10,000 copies of CWS5 are helping professional print operators gain more productivity from their equipment, reduce errors and waste, and ultimately raise the profitability of each job," said Frank Mallozzi, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, EFI.

Fiery CWS5 software is available for download at no charge from www.efi.com/cws5. Users can join the Fiery Colour and Imaging User Forum at http://fieryforums.efi.com/.

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