Gandinnovations has officially released its new economical Jeti 1224 True UV Flatbed printer to world-wide sales after its successful debut at the International Sign Expo in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

The new Jeti 1224 features a 4ft x 8ft “bed” that is purposely designed for North American standard rigid material sizes. The Jeti 1224 will also have a standard safety hood that raises and lowers automatically and covers the full printing area for ventilation purposes. 

“Gandinnovations’ new Jeti 1224 is a compact and economical flatbed specifically designed to give print shops the versatility they need,” says Hary Gandy, president of worldwide sales for Gandinnovations. 

The Jeti 1224 UV True Flatbed uses 24 Spectra print heads to produce high speed graphics in 6 colours, with 1200 dpi to achieve 40 sqm/hr (450 sqft/hr) in best quality mode.

A true flatbed table, using linear motion to control movement, ensures perfect registration on rigid and flexible materials. The 4ft x 8ft print area allows easy loading and unloading of large and heavy material and can be performed by one person.

A strong vacuum table holds virtually any material in place and the head carriage height can be adjusted from the software interface for rigid materials up to 5 cm (2”) in thickness.

“We haven’t lost the high speed print modes, we just added an advanced feature of 24 spectra heads to meet the high resolution needs of the printing industry,” says Gandy.

Customers have a choice of highest resolution at 1200 DPI, 600 DPI or 300 DPI, depending on the quality and speed they want to achieve. Gandinnovations offers three types of Spectra printheads to achieve these resolutions. Ultra-precise mechanics allow for easy repeatability for jobs like double strike backlit or super accurate double sided jobs.

“We continue to place emphasis on introducing printers with higher resolution, without losing speed, encompassed with better engineering features and lower cost.  You have to see it print to believe it.  The combination of quality and speed is amazing!” adds Gandy.

New to the Jeti Flatbed line is the availability of FlexForm UV Inks to produce vacuum formable images. The Jeti  Flatbeds use FlexForm UV Inks and are able to print on materials such as acrylic then formed within minutes. 

White and clear varnish are still options on all the Jeti Flatbeds.  Jeti owners can print with the 6 colour option and switch to white or clear varnish without losing quality and time.

The Jeti 1224 with 6 colours prints not only on rigid materials such as acrylics, corrugated board, lenticular, wall murals, poster board, tile, drywall, blinds and glass but other materials like fabrics, vinyl and many other plastic films.  The advanced inking system along with the environmentally friendly, non corrosive UV Inks, results in an extremely reliable, virtually no maintenance machine designed to print on almost any substrate 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Gandinnovations also offers different RIP choices to customers upon purchase. Onyx, Caldera and Wasatch are available depending on the demand of the workflow.



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