Roland DG Corporation has announced the company's support for "ECOCAMP in Australia 2009."

ECOCAMP in Australia 2009 is a major public service campaign and automotive tour across Australia to raise awareness for environmental issues throughout the continent.  

Founded by Team ACP, a Japanese racing team and former Paris-Dakar Rally champions, "ECOCAMP in Australia 2009" follows more than 10 years of similar "eco tours" held by the team worldwide.  Each tour is carefully planned to enable Team ACP to visit unique "eco-projects," connect with eco-conscious citizens and organizations, help raise awareness for their causes, and educate communities worldwide about the Earth's environmental needs. Past "eco tours" have taken the team across Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America, covering more than 50,000 km (31,068 miles) total.

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Roland DG Australia welcomed the members of Team ACP (front line -- from left to right): K. Takahashi, K. Yamaguchi, T. Matsumae, (John Wall from Roland DG Australia), and K. Yokota. (Second front line - from left to right): M. Terada and K. Misumi. The official ECOCAMP in Australia 2009 Prius, decorated with full-color Roland graphics.

For "ECOCAMP in Australia 2009," Team ACP is travelling in a new hybrid Toyota Prius sporting decals printed using Roland's professional-grade SOLJET PRO III XC-540 wide-format inkjet printer/cutter.  The XC-540 is engineered to print high quality images and automatically contour cut them for high-impact results.
In Australia, Team ACP's goal is to raise the public's environmental consciousness by reporting on the current environmental changes shaking the continent. In recent years, Australia has been suffering extensively from abnormal weather patterns such as droughts that have seriously impacted its environment.
The journey started in Sydney on July 30th, with Team ACP travelling to Melbourne, Perth and Alice Springs. In each location, Team ACP is camping in Australia's great outdoors, visiting the sites where environmental change is taking place.  The "eco tour" will take them approximately 12,000 kilometres (7,456 miles) across the Australian continent. They return to Sydney on August 30th.
"We applaud Team ACP's efforts and continue to support their mission by providing the vehicle graphics and decals they need to promote the tour," said K. Takeda, Roland DG corporate communications manager.  "We consider it one of our major business goals to support eco-initiatives and also to meet today's environmental challenges by reducing the environmental impact of our newly-expanded Miyakoda production plant."
As a company, Roland remains committed to meeting the International Energy Star Program's energy efficiency standards for electronics.  The company also focuses on developing products that meet its own environmental impact standards which are reflected in the Roland DG Eco Label system.

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