When screenprinters need a budget priced external signage substrate, the usual choice is a twin-wall polypropylene sheet such as Corflute® (or Fluteboard®). Arguably the cheapest rigid external signage substrate available, it is also tough, light-weight, water and UV resistant.

But an inherent problem with this medium is the surface grooves which have long been the bane of printers. The grooves can contribute to image flooding or voiding. Manufacturers continue to experiment with modifications to the recipe but the resulting smoother surface has always been off-set by other factors precluding a marketable product.

Corex Plastics claim they have the answer - Imageboard. They say that this substrate is more than flute with a sheet of plastic stuck to it. The laminate is made to the same formula as the flute, preventing bowing and delamination issues that are caused by laminating dissimilar materials. The laminating adhesive was purpose formulated so that it not only fills the grooves but hardens to the same consistency as the fluted base. The result is a superb smooth finish with no hint of the grooves buried beneath.

Imageboard is ideal for flat-bed digital printing and screen printing. Images with subtle tones or vignettes are ideally suited. This substrate shouldn’t be compared with twin wall products for quality or price, it is an option to foamed boards and competes very favourably on all counts.

Imageboard has the same durability as Corflute®. It is available in gauges of 3.3mm, 5.3mm and 8.3mm . Two sided and other gauges can be made to order if the volume is sufficient.

Corex Plastics Australia Pty Ltd


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