As of August 1st a monthly draw will take place offering printers a chance to win $250.00.

The draw will be open to any printer opting to:

  • Take up the free subscription to the monthly bi-weekly newsletters
  • Send their details for the Wide Format Printer Directory
  • Submit a Classified ad or
  • Submit a response to one of our Surveys.

Printers can start to submit entries into the draw from August 1st for the September draw.

The draw will also be open to suppliers who submit complete details for one of the applicable Directories.

The draw is open only to legitimate members of the Australia and New Zealand region wide format printing industry.

Brian Stickland, publisher of Wide Format Online magazine said that he felt that the draw would hopefully encourage more printers to profit from the content of the magazine and newsletters in more ways than one. It was also felt that more readers would be drawn to the magazine as a result.

Wide Format Online magazine is already the industry's biggest read in addition to being the industry's only magazine that is updated 24/7 to ensure the speedy distribution of important news and ads.

Each draw will take place on the 1st Monday of the following month, except December. Each monthly winner will be announced in the newsletters.

The full terms and conditions of the draw can be downloaded by clicking here.

Wide Format Online magazine

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