Italian spectrophotometer manufacturer, Barbieri Electronic have received an accolade from the leading RIP manufacturers, say the company.

The statement says that Barbieri Electronic plays an important role in the wide-format digital imaging and screen printing industry. As Barbieri’s special color measuring devices are implemented in these leading RIP the whole printing and color management workflow becomes much easier.
barbieri_graphic.jpgA very crucial and important part in the digital printing process is the RIP software. Besides many other tasks, the RIP is responsible also for correct linearisation of the digital output device as well as for Colour Management.

For both a spectrophotometer is needed to get the colourimetric data. Barbieri Electronics’ special colour measuring devices Spectro Swing and Spectro LFP are designed according to the specific needs of the wide-format digital imaging and therefore leading RIP software manufacturers implemented these devices. A complete list of them can be found
Thanks to this RIP support, the whole printing workflow and colour management becomes much easier. The spectrophotometer is driven directly by the RIP which guides you step by step through the whole process. Printer linearisation and ICC profile creation for all media used can be done quickly and easy. Thanks to this support colour management is part of a whole workflow and not a separate task anymore.
Barbieri Electronics



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