BFC is the first company in Europe to install the new Pace Management Information System from EFI.

Launched on the European market at Northprint (Harrogate, UK) in April, EFI Pace is claimed to offer browser-based end-to-end print shop and production management for commercial and speciality printers.

Based in Remscheid, Germany, BFC is an end-to-end commercial printer and direct marketing provider that serves businesses across the country - including many Fortune 500 brands - with high-quality, custom printing services and complete direct marketing capabilities. BFC uses EFI VUTEk (and other) printers driven by EFI's Fiery XF RIP to produce all kinds of commercial jobs and signage for the tradeshow industry. Privately owned and operated since 1991, the company has 18 employees. More information can be found at: the company's website at

BFC have always prided themselves on being one of Germany's most innovative printing companies. "We handle many different types of work for our customers," said Thomas Winkler, managing director. "With so many projects and accounts, we need to streamline operations, reduce cost, and enhance automation to enable future business growth. Developing our own software soon proved to be cost-prohibitive, however. We looked at many MIS solutions to achieve our goals. EFI showed us Pace's open database platform, its browser-based flexibility and ease of use, and how the Fiery XF RIP will connect to it. For us, there is no doubt that EFI Pace provides the best fit for our business needs."

"EFI is proud to expand its reach into the European marketing place, and happy to welcome BFC to the EFI Pace family of customers," said Jay Farr, general manager, EFI Pace. "EFI Pace helps businesses like BFC thrive in today's challenging market by maximising profit potential with every job. EFI software applications, paired with EFI's inkjet solutions, are basis for efficiency that can be achieved by incorporating tools for management, preparation and production."

With over 10,000 clients worldwide, EFI is the largest supplier of business management solutions in the world.

EFI Pace is an integrated, browser-based print management system for the printing and graphic arts industry, with software modules for estimating, scheduling, production, accounting, sales management, and e-commerce. EFI Pace uses an appliance model that allows for installation and training in a fraction of the time required by other solutions. This advanced, secure system architecture is customisable, XML driven, JDF certified and ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant, and allows browser-based access from Mac and PC platforms to better leverage emerging technologies that are defining the digital workflow process.

Pace complements EFI's portfolio of business management systems along with:
EFI PrintSmith for on-demand, copy shop, quick printer and small commercial shops
EFI Monarch, a high-end, flexible solution for large single and multi-plant operations with multi-language, multi-currency, and customisation options.

More information about EFI's Pace and other MIS solutions can be found at

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