Garry Muratore leaves Agfa Graphics and opens print consultancy.

Garry Muratore is one of the our high profile graphic arts professionals in the ANZ region and is well known and respected across the graphic arts spectrum for the work he has done launching and promoting the various Agfa Graphics products over the last 25 years.

He was last seen in public at Pacprint omnipresent on the Agfa stand, a stand of his own creation.

Agfa Gaphics is a juggernaut in the world of print beyond their growing presence in the wide format sector with their range of :Anapurna machines.

Garry told Wide Format Online that he is currently working with several companies as a consultant on a wide range of industry issues.

Anybody interested in talking to Garry can reach him on 0414 713 616 or He has developed his own web site as well.

Garry Muratore

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