Thieme have developed a new generation of screen printing multi-colour lines.

The Thieme 5000 L is available immediately for the printing formats 1,600 mm x 2,100 and 1,600 mm x 2,600 mm. "We have exerted considerable effort in research and development", reports Peter Geiger, technical director at Thieme. "Both the basic construction of the machine as well as various technical components were reworked and improved in many details and now offers the user the highest printing performance." 

 The new generation of screen print multi-colour lines Thieme 5000 L


The control technology and the comprehensive programming options of the Thieme 5000 L simplify the operation and minimise the set-up times.

Short set-up times thanks to intelligent functions
The users of the new machine series will be pleased by the diverse productivity-increasing innovations. For example, the machine automatically adapt to various sheet formats and materials. On one hand the vacuum zones of the printing table, which provide for an optimal flatness of the printed sheet, are automatically adapted to the sheet format. The standard design of the Thieme 5000 L offers three vacuum zones which can be switched on and off; a multi-vacuum table is available with up to 48 zones depending on machine model. The operator inputs the sheet format into the operator panel, and the system automatically activates the corresponding vacuum zones and respectively deactivates the unnecessary zones. For smaller formats, this feature eliminates time-consuming masking of the print tables.

On the other hand, the positioning of the media into registration was simplified by means of a lay guide which works on both sides (for double-sided work). The sheet is automatically fed towards the leading edge stop blocks where its correct position is then verified via optical sensors. The front lay guides with the fiber optic sensors are easily located by the operator in the proper position according to the substrate format. Driven by a servo-motor, the vacuum lay guide assumes a position depending on the defined system side, left or right, which corresponds to the programmed sheet width. Manual intervention is eliminated.
Simple operation and optimal printing process thanks to modern SPC control system with touch screen
Like in the "big sister" series Thieme 5000 XL, the machines of series Thieme 5000 L come standard equipped with a modern SPC control system with touch screen. Each printing station is equipped with a master control unit, which can be used to control all the line functions; safety-relevant functions are each controlled with individual printing stations. Thanks to a streamlined program and close attention paid to optimizing operational functions, the machine is most operator-friendly. For different materials and printing tasks, recipes (job storage programs) can be stored and called up again as required, whereby the set-up times during product change can be shortened considerably. A heavily researched and developed error diagnostic system enables the speedy rectification of errors and operational faults.
Fast remote maintenance using broad band Internet connection
A new remote maintenance system via VPN (Virtual Private Network) is being used for the first time for Thieme 5000 L. From a global perspective, the system enables faster error diagnosis than ever before with a goal of resolution without the need for a technician on site. The new diagnostic system is more productive due to a higher data transmission rate of the broad band Internet connection and at the same time it is more secure than the previous remote maintenance via modem. As emphasised by Peter Geiger: "On the one hand, the new system offers comprehensive data analysis and faster software updates. On the other hand, the risk of unauthorised data access and the infiltration of infected software, which can lead to machine faults and production downtimes, are greatly minimised." In addition the cost of an extra telephone line for the modem is eliminated.
Energy saving when drying with new electronic ballast
The new machines are also more efficient in consumption. Thanks to the optional replacement of the transformer on the UV dryer with fully electronic ballast (EVG), the effective power consumption can be reduced by up to 15 percent and the connection power by up to 30 percent. Additionally, the fully electronic ballast allows for a fast and smooth setting of the UV radiant power. The set power is also held constant during network power fluctuations.
M, L, or XL - the right machine for every format
With the introduction of the new series Thieme 5000 L the current product range of the Thieme multi-colour lines appears as follows:
- Thieme 5000 M: Multi-colour line for sheet formats of 750 mm x 1,050 mm up to 1,400 mm x 1,800 mm, output up to 2,200 m² per hour
- Thieme 5000 L: Multi-colour line for sheet formats of 1,600 mm x 2,100 mm up to 1,600 mm x 2,600 mm, output up to 2,600 m² per hour
- Thieme 5000 XL: Multi-colour line for sheet formats of 1,600 mm x 3,050 mm up to 2,000 mm x 3,300 mm, output up to 3,300 m² per hour

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Press Photo 1:
June 2009 - The new L-class from Thieme:
The new generation of screen print multi-colour lines Thieme 5000 L will convince you with the highest printing quality and productivity.
(Photo: Thieme, Teningen in Germany)
Press Photo 2:
June 2009 - The new L-class from Thieme:
The polished control technology and the comprehensive programming options of the Thieme 5000 L simplify the operation and minimise the set-up times.
(Photo: Thieme, Teningen in Germany)


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