Spandex have added six enhancements to boost the performance of the Gerber Solara UV2 hybrid inkjet printer including a “Full-Bleed Print Mode”, allowing users to print 152 x 304 cm edge-to-edge graphics on rigid materials up to 13 mm thick; and a new “Performance Print Mode”, designed to increase capacity by way of a two-pass print function. The improvements to the Solara, will allow users to print up to 18 signs at 1.2 m x 2.4 m in size, or 200 signs at 45 cm x 61 cm in size, in a single day and with high-quality results.

spandex gerber.jpgOther developments to the Solara UV2, include “Rest Mode”; a new operation designed to extend the life of the Solara print heads which is activated once the print heads have been idle for 60 min. Today users can enter exact dimensions for a print job thanks to the printer's “Material Size Specification”. This is particularly useful when using materials that the Solara can't measure with its laser-guided material-scan system, such as glass or clear acrylic with no backing. Intelligent error messages are also part of the Solara’s new troubleshooting routine, increasing the ease of use during operation.

Finally, “Vacuum-table Control” allows users to manually adjust Solara's vacuum when using lightweight materials or demanding substrates, such as cloth or scrimless banner.

The upgrade is now available to existing Solara owners and will be standard on each new unit that leaves the company’s US based factory.

Spandex has also introduced a new GerberCUT option for its SABRE routers. Integrating the Solara UV2 into a workflow with a Gerber SABRE router equipped with the GerberCUT option, provides precise contour routing of printed rigid graphics. GerberCUT’s unique “Vision Registration System” automatically captures registration targets. Even large, complex, or highly distorted images are routed at very high precision without manual labour; saving time and reducing scrapped materials.

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