Xaar and Thin Film Electronics ASA (“TFE”) have announced that they have entered into an agreement to jointly develop industrial inkjet methods and processes that can be used for producing printed memory applications efficiently and in high volumes suitable for commercial applications.

The development agreement is built on TFE’s Intellectual Property for printable memory materials, and Xaar’s Intellectual Property, equipment and solutions for printing functional materials.

This collaboration is a continuation of TFE’s and XAAR’s previous collaboration leading up to the successful development, realisation and announcement of the world’s first printed ferro-electric memory array at IPEX ’06.

“Last year we demonstrated the world’s first functional, fully printed memory together with Xaar. We will now in this joint effort prove our technology’s manufacturability using industry standard ink–jet equipment for high volumes. Xaar is an ideal partner for us given Xaar’s technology and market leadership in ink–jet technology. Furthermore, the collaboration with Xaar will open up new exciting opportunities for the printed electronics industry, including many long sought after applications such as RFID-based electronic product codes”; says Johan Carlsson, CEO of Thin Film Electronics.

Xaar UK Ltd

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