ColourProcess has introduced the self implementation of the AS/ISO 2647.2-2008 standard.

The colour management industry is dynamic and fast changing; new products are constantly being developed to improve efficiencies and quality throughout the printing process.

ColourProcess has recently adopted a new approach, the self implementation of the AS/ISO 2647.2-2008 standard.

Managing director Yves Roussange recognised that in this current economic environment flexible solutions need to be created to help printers reach the industry standard. PSO-Check is a product enabling printers to implement the standards themselves in their workplace using their own staff knowledge.
PSO-Check makes colour standardisation a simple process, however ColourProcess will be there to support the printers every step of the way.

 ColourProcess offers the best expertise available in Australia today. Director Yves Roussange has over 25 years of experience in the industry and is an internationally recognised expert. ColourProcess was the pioneer of fogra/bvdm PSO certification in Australia two years ago.  


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