NSW printing companies will be the first in Australia to undertake Sustainable Green Print (SGP) training and certification following Printing Industries release of the first training course dates beginning in April.

Based on an ISO14001 framework, SGP is multi-level environmental management certification system giving participants the choice of four linked achievement levels including ISO14001 (Level 3 SGP) allowing companies to choose their participation and progress levels.

SGP is industry specific and recognises that "one size does not fit all".

It does much of the work to help participants through industry specific resources which identify the:

Environmental laws companies need to comply with;
Environmental risks associated with the printing industry;
Control measures needed to prevent non-compliance with pollution and other laws and;
How to document actions, undertake internal audits and manage a businesses’ environmental system.
Printing Industries National Manager, Learning and Development, Simon Peppercorn, said training was progressively rolling out in all states, with NSW being the first.

"A program of courses has been scheduled beginning with the entry level course,  Level 1 and progressing through a stepped program to Level 3 (ISO14001)," he said.

"Printing companies now have a program that is customised for the printing industry and therefore makes achieving ISO14001 or any chosen level significantly simpler and with reduced compliance costs."

Confirmed Sydney training course dates for 2009 are: Level 1 - 20 April; 4 May and 18 May. Level 2 - 1 June. Level 3 (ISO14001) tentative 12 June, 3 July 24 July and 14 August.

All Printing Industries state offices can provide local information and inquiries for NSW training courses can be directed Simon Peppercorn on (02) 8789 7300 e-mail: sgpnsw@printnet.com.au

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