The latest set of Ghent Workgroup tests determine whether PDFs will be processed as expected.

The latest set of Ghent Workgroup tests determine whether PDFs will be processed as expected in real-world production environments, is now available at

Both design and production PDF workflows can be tested using Ghent Output Suite 3. The Suite is widely accepted and utilised among graphic arts professionals worldwide.

The new version adds testing for White Overprint, Rendering Intent, ICC-based Overprint and Source Profile consideration. The Ghent Workgroup has also made adjustments to all of the test files and documentation to make them clearer and easier to understand.
The Ghent Output Suite is for designers and end users of graphic arts equipment as well as developers of PDF applications for publishing. It is a set of individual files used to test design and print production workflow processes beginning with layout and proceeding through proofing and platemaking.

These tests have been used successfully by vendors to test software and utilities, and to identify correct settings to be used by their customers. For these customer/end users, the Suite identifies workflow problems before jobs go into production.

The Ghent Workgroup is one of the world's most respected graphic arts best practice organizations.

During the process of developing PDF-X Plus specifications, the Ghent Workgroup found that many of the prepress systems and tools in the marketplace were either not compliant and/or up to date with the Ghent Workgroup specifications or the current versions of layout and design software. As a result, the Ghent Output Suite was developed.

It is advised to check regularly for updates to the suite on the Ghent PDF Workgroup website at

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