Xaar has launched two new printheads which they claim will bring significant performance benefits to the wide and grand-format inkjet print markets.

The new entry-level, high-speed Xaar Electron and the premium high-productivity, wide-swathe Xaar Proton are next-generation Platform 1 binary printheads.

Xaar has worked closely with several leading printer manufacturers in order to coincide the global launch of the new printheads with the commercial launch of next generation wide-format printers incorporating the technology.

In a significant endorsement of the productivity of the new printheads, Witcolor, Hijet, Chiting Digital Technology and RTZ  are launching five Xaar Electron-based models and 12 Xaar Proton-based solvent and UV inkjet models at Sign China*. Infiniti Digital will also demonstrate the Xaar Proton enabled Hijet Rodin printer at Graphic Arts of Americas (Miami, 26-28th February). These new printers set new standards in performance and are ideal for the production of indoor and outdoor graphics printed on a variety of flexible materials including: paper, PVC, film, mesh fabrics and vinyls.

With the addition of these new printheads to Xaar’s range, which now features a choice of eight models each with multiple versions, manufacturers can select the best technology for their specific application.

Manufacturers have welcomed the design and flexibility of the Xaar Electron and Proton printheads and their compatibility with a wide range of solvent and UV inks. Integral electronics and ease of integration with existing drive electronics streamline manufacturing to a high degree. Consequently, companies can quickly deliver competitive printers that combine the highest levels of quality and speed with maximum cost-effectiveness and low cost of ownership.

The XAAR ELECTRON: is the fastest, high native resolution printhead for the indoor and outdoor graphics market. A next-generation printhead, the 128-channel Xaar Electron builds on the format of the successful Xaar 128 which is recognised throughout the industry as the de facto standard in wide format graphics.

Featuring the latest silicon integrated-circuit technology, the Xaar Electron boosts print speeds by up to 70%, compared to the first-generation Xaar 126/128, to maximise the output speeds of wide-format printers, while remaining the lowest cost printhead in its class on the market.  Existing printer manufacturers and end-users will find this printhead easy to integrate and use, reducing set up times andensuring maximum return on investment. Providing solvent compatibility, and now the potential for UV ink capability, the Xaar Electron is available in 35 picolitre and 70 picolitre drop size options allowing users to select the best option to suit their specific application.

The XAAR PROTON: is a premium print-quality, wide-swathe (53.7mm), high-resolution binary printhead designed for high-volume indoor and outdoor graphics. Featuring the latest piezo and nozzle processing technology as used on the advanced Xaar 1001 printhead, the Proton delivers excellent and consistent print performance, enabling users to print even better quality without compromising on speed. The Xaar Proton jets a 35 picolitre drop size from individually-lasered nozzles for excellent drop uniformity and results.

“These new printheads are the result of our strategy to develop and enhance our existing technology platforms and invest in core inkjet markets,” says Ian Dinwoodie, Xaar CEO.  “Our Platform 1 products are highly successful and the response from the wide-format market to this next generation of binary printheads is extremely positive with new printers already coming to market that set new standards in performance as a direct result.”


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