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Neo, a PDF Editing Tool

Enfocus has launched Neo, a standalone native PDF application editing tool that enables users to make last minute changes to PDF files.

When a mistake is noticed in a job at the end of the production cycle, perhaps when it is ready to go on press, it is vital to correct the fault on the spot. As PDF has become the preferred format for document exchange, and native documents are often not available, the only solution is to edit the PDF file as quickly as possible. 

Neo is flexible and efficient, handling everyday pre-press editing of multi-page PDF files with ease. By giving the operator all the high-end editing and correction functionality in a native PDF environment that previously only existed in proprietary non-PDF systems, Neo proves to be a huge asset in drastically reducing the approval and correction cycles that are unavoidable in today’s demanding environments.

Typical functionality includes accurate viewing and measuring, separation handling, advanced text and paragraph editing, object transformations, image editing and re-linking, clip path handling, transparency handling, page box handling and an optional interactive trapping module. Furthermore Neo fully embraces Certified PDF technology. All Certified PDF sessions remain in the PDF file, and the edits performed in Neo are simply added to the Certified PDF information in the PDF file. The file is not only corrected on the spot but all changes are clearly identified and easily traceable at any date in the future.

Whilst saving, users can select to execute a preflight step based on the Certified PDF profile, to make sure that after editing the file is still compliant. Extremely interactive, productive and easy to use, Neo is a perfect add-on for commercial printers, trade shops or publishers who are faced with corrections that have to be swiftly carried out at the last minute.

A full version of Neo can be downloaded free for one month’s trial from www.enfocus.com and its ease of use makes the software straightforward to test in a working environment without any training. The new software is available in two versions - with or without trapping functionality. Enfocus believes the version without trapping, at only Euro 3,000, will appeal to a wide section of its customer base.

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