Fujifilm Sericol is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Acuity Advance X2 wide format UV inkjet printer.

The Acuity Advance X2 is the next generation in the highly successful Acuity series, first launched in April 2007 and quickly becoming the fastest selling flatbed UV inkjet printer in the market today.

acuity_advance_x2.gifWhile the Acuity Advance X2 maintains many of the leading design features associated with all Acuity platforms, the Acuity Advance X2 has a print area double that of the current Acuity Advance printer, while maintaining the same high quality now expected with Acuity platforms. The Acuity Advance X2 is capable of printing onto substrates of 3.05m x 2.5m and as thick as 48mm. The dual zoning system with independent vacuum control allows the printing of an image in one zone whilst setting up another image in the second, thereby increasing throughput.

The Acuity Advance X2 incorporates the same modified printhead array as the Acuity Advance. In production mode the print speed is up to 22m2/hr (237 ft2/hr); whilst in high quality mode the speed is 15m2/hr (161 ft2/hr).  In addition, the Acuity Advance X2 also expands the possibilities with the white ink option, to complement the standard four colour CMYK offering.  Utilising Fujifilm Sericol Uvijet UV inks, the Acuity Advance X2 delivers unmatched flexibility, allowing users to print a very opaque white under, over or between print layers.  

Incorporating small drop, greyscale printhead technology, the Acuity Advance X2 delivers near-photographic image quality, and includes a true flatbed platform to easily print onto a wide variety of rigid substrates.  Additionally, an optional roll-to-roll module is ideal for printing onto all types of flexible media.

The Acuity Advance X2 will be unveiled at the Graf Italia show, (March 24th –March 28th 2009), on the Fujifilm stand.  Commercial shipments will commence in May.

Fujifilm Sericol Australia

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