Not for the wide format market yet but potentially of big interest to label printers comes the news that Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) in the UK have demonstrated fully variable data printing on a single pass printer running at 120 metres per minute using the Konica Minolta KM1024 head and the GIS Inkjet Operating System™.

“The KM1024 is the latest printhead innovation from Konica Minolta and achieves a native resolution of 360dpi and a seamless 72mm print-width in a very compact design,” said John Corrall, Managing Director of Industrial Inkjet Ltd. “The combination of our market-leading printhead with the GIS Inkjet Operating System™ offers developers an easy-to-integrate solution for high-speed, high-quality print systems.”

The GIS Inkjet Operating System™ was conceived and built as a single-source datapath solution. It helps printer manufacturers and inkjet developers save time and money when bringing new machines into production.

The Inkjet Operating System™ comprises electronics and software, and is designed to work with all commercially available industrial inkjet printheads. The Cambridge, UK based company has established a broad international customer base and has a reputation for dedicated and focussed commitment to customer service.

Global Inkjet Systems Ltd

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