Gandinnovations has introduced two Enhanced Support Programs for their service portfolio.

"We developed these programs to help our customers grow their skill sets and business" says Hary Gandy, Gandinnovations' President based out of corporate offices in San Antonio, Texas.  Gandinnovations has manufacturing facilities in Canada and satellite offices in Mexico City, India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Belgium, Iberia and South Africa. 

"Our customers make a significant investment in grand format inkjet systems and we want to protect their investments by ensuring that their printers are running at maximum potential," adds Gandy.  "If our customers fully understand the operation and maintenance of their new printer, they are more likely to avoid production delays that could result in significant downtime and ineffective use. Our goal is to keep our customers in production and avoid costly delays due to improper maintenance."

Gandinnovations already provides its customers with on-site technical support and training during the installation of Jeti printers, but has added two enhanced maintenance and training programs.  JETiWORX and JETI EDGE add greater insight and take full advantage of the printers' capabilities. An annual discounted full service maintenance agreement and a two-day preventive maintenance visit along with unlimited telephone support and a 50 percent discount on print heads are some of the benefits of these new product offerings. Combine this with regional service supervisors and the new programs are sure to be a hit with both new and existing customers.

"The ability to provide superior customer support programs and ongoing product development is a testament to our long term commitment to our customers' business, "says James Gandy, CEO at the company's Canadian-based manufacturing facility. "We want our customers to remain competitive in the market and we will continue to bring new programs and technology to the market as we continue to look toward a bright future."
Gandinnovations' customer support programs are designed to enhance the production portfolio options of Jeti Printer owners.
"We have always believed that personal service is what sets our company apart from the competition and now, more than ever, we want to help our customers make the most of the printers and accessories they've purchased," conclude the Gandy brothers.


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