HP has announced new HP 781 and 791 Printing Supplies, available in early 2009, for the HP Designjet 8000, HP Designjet 9000 and HP Designjet 10000 Printer series. 

Designed specifically for these low-solvent printers, the new ink formulations provide the reliable performance, ease of use, and vivid, durable prints that customers rely on when producing high-impact signage.

"HP is committed to providing our customers with first-class supplies to meet their specific needs," said Santiago Morera, vice president and general manager, Large Format Printing, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. "This new set of supplies takes advantage of the HP supply chain to deliver the pricing and availability customers demand."

Customers can change to the new HP 781 and HP 791 Ink Cartridges as each colour of the HP 780 or HP 790 Ink Cartridges is ready to be replaced. Because the new inks are compatible with the old inks, customers can use current HP 780 and HP 790 cleaning and maintenance supplies with the new ink cartridges.

"Replacing the current inks with the new ones HP has developed was extremely simple. When the printer advised a new cartridge was needed, we installed a cartridge of the new inks," said Ronald Niner, owner, Creative Graphic Services USA. "We didn't need to replace the printheads or do anything else. The printer performed reliably before and continues to do so now."

Prints produced with the new HP 781 and 791 Printing Supplies achieve up to three years of display permanence without lamination and are scratch-, smear- and crack-resistant.(1)

Additionally, HP is ending its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Seiko I Infotech (SIIT) to jointly develop and market future low solvent-based large-format printers for the outdoor graphics printing market. HP and SIIT have jointly agreed to work separately in this market space.

HP plans to continue to sell the HP Designjet 8000, HP Designjet 9000 and HP Designjet 10000 printers, which were developed under the OEM agreement, in 2009 and to provide parts, supplies and customer support to the installed base of customers with these products. The company is also developing new solutions - such as the HP Designjet L65500 - that will meet the needs of these customers.

Early success and worldwide availability for HP Designjet L65500

The HP Designjet L65500, announced at drupa 2008, is now available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America, and is expected to be available in Latin America and Asia Pacific in March.

The wide-format printer is already experiencing strong customer demand with nearly 25 early installations completed. Benefits of this new latex printing technology include exceptional image quality, versatility of media choices, increased productivity and the ability to attract new customers who are looking for a more environmentally conscious printing process.

"What's special and different about the HP Designjet L65500 is that it offers the high-quality you can rely on from HP, on a printer that is 104-inches wide and can print on a variety of materials," said Regan Mahoney, general manager, Splash! San Francisco. "I think HP Latex printing technology is going to provide explosive growth for us. We can offer the market sustainable printing and this technology is unavailable from any other manufacturer."

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