Seal Graphics has launched the Seal 600 MD, a bi-directional, fully-featured laminator that is a mounter, laminator and encapsulator.

It has a maximum output speed of 4.5 metres per minute on substrates up to 1550mm wide and 38mm thickness.

600_md_groot.jpgPneumatically-operated, the 600 MD provides the ultimate in precision engineering for operator and materials control. The pneumatic nip means that settings are fast, accurate and repeatable; whilst the floating rollers allow for slight variations in the thickness of the substrate to be accommodated within the pressure setting.

Being a bi-directional machine, the 600 MD can easily switch from hot to cold applications. This is done by simply lifting the heated rollers out of the way and running the machine in the opposite direction. This utility obviously reduces downtimes leading to improved operator efficiency, hence productivity.

The 600 MD has swing-out auto-grip shafts for fast and easy materials handling; a lightweight drop-down in-feed table incorporating a V-channel print feeder for easy webbing, improving nip access for set-up and facilitating easy image feeding. It also has an integrated braking system for precise yet simple tension adjustment and an ergonomically sited panel housing all the key operating controls.

Capable of producing a wide range of output types including rigid and flexible indoor displays, floor graphics, backlit, roll-up and rigid outdoor displays, the Seal 600 MD is set to become the industry’s new workhorse and will find favour with both specialist finishing houses as well as inhouse print departments with a variety of output applications.

Starleaton Digital Solutions Pty Ltd


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