Positive Camtec has seen tremendous growth over the past 5 years. To keep up with supplying the very best customer service and technical support in the industry, we are pleased to announce the appointment of 4 new staff members to our team, which has grown to over 15 members.

Emma Bentley joined the team in early December 2006 to fulfil an office administration and reception role. Emma is instrumental in ensuring that technical services are attended to as quickly as possible and she oversees the processing and dispatch of orders. She has proven herself dependable and reliable in all aspects and we are very fortunate to have such a hard working and dedicated staff member. emma@positivecamtec.com.au

From left to right: Michael Zaouk, Gino Scamardella, Emma Bentley & Stuart Smith

Michael Zaouk joined the team in February 2007 in a technical role. He is very experienced in all electrical and wiring tasks and his enthusiastic, professional approach will be a real boon for our clients. Michael has been employed in various technical roles, even lecturing at university. We are very proud to have his services on board. mzaouk@positivecamtec.com.au

Stuart Smith is a specialist in handling large corporate accounts and offering the high level of service required to maintain them. Stuart will focus on our range of Teckwin True Solvent and UV Curable Digital Printers and Roland Dye Sublimation Printers. He will also manage our range of Digital Papers from Qualimage in Switzerland, including the Transjet sublimation range, along with media produced by Queens Point in Shanghai, China. ssmith@positivecamtec.com.au

Gino Scamardella knows timber and woodworking inside out. His expertise and knowledge will ensure that you receive accurate presales advice and the right products are recommended to fulfil your requirements. Gino will work closely with Glenn Ashworth to keep up with the demand for Tekcel CNC Routers and is available to assist you at anytime with a personal demonstration or further information. gino@positivecamtec.com.au.

Positive Camtec have simultaneously announced the opening of a wholly owned subsidiary of their principal Teckwin in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Teckwin International U.S. was formed in March 2007 and will be responsible for sales, marketing and technical services for North, Central and South America.

Positive Camtec Pty Ltd

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