iMedia are proud to launch Ready2print, the world's only pre-hemmed and pre-grommeted banner material that they say is designed to go through most digital printers.

Chris Lewis-Williams, CEO of iMedia said, "The hems are tightly welded and include thin double grommets that are patented and we have managed to bring the price right down to only $10.26 (ex GST) per square metre which should enable savings due to the fact that no further hemming and grommeting is required."

Chris also announced a second major media launch: Ferrari textile media.

He explained that Ferrari can be printed by either screen printing or digital wide format and will also accept any type of ink.

Ferrari’s Précontraint patented technology keeps the textile under tension throughout the manufacturing process which means that the end user has an extremely smooth print face with no edge curls. This of course results in banners hanging flat with no fraying and ensures that roll-up banners don't curl inwards when under tension.

To celebrate these product launches, iMedia are offering 10% off both ranges for December only.

iMedia Pty Ltd


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