The Outdoor Media Association of Australia is set to launch a new award - The Outdoor Awards.

The OMA has created a new website to celebrate the very best outdoor work from around the globe - as well as provide entry information to the new awards.

Entries are open already but the ultimate deadline will be the end of April 2009 to allow creative teams the chance to have their latest work appear and become eligible.  Creative that has appeared on an outdoor format in Australia between 1 January 2008 and 30 April 2009 will be eligible for entry.

In addition to a new first prize of a Golden Pigeon statue, which will be given to the best outdoor concept, there will be a financial incentive worth $10,000 for the winning creative team.

To launch the event, a national awareness campaign has begun - in itself a highly unusual outdoor idea.

An outdoor billboard truck is being driven over 10,000 km around Australia - carrying the simple billboard message: "THE OUTDOOR AWARDS ARE COMING". Currently the truck is almost three weeks into its journey heading towards Perth.

The truck will be on the road for 40 days and will take in Alice Springs, The Red Centre, Broome, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne before its return to Sydney at the end of November.

The truck's progress can be followed online via daily photographs of the journey at - and imagery of the truck at various pit stops throughout the trip will be used as trade advertising.

Outdoor Media Association


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