Grapo will launch a large format UV printer to the worldwide market at Viscom Italia (13-15th November 2008).

The Grapo Shark, which has been designed and built entirely in Europe, is a universal flatbed and roll-to-roll printer and incorporates Xaar 760 inkjet printheads to produce high quality greyscale images for a wide variety of display applications.

grapo_shark_uv_printer_898.gifThe four-colour Shark sets a new benchmark in performance and images a maximum print width of 2010mm with an unlimited print length. Production speed varies depending on application: from 80 sqm/hr for top quality POS applications to 220 sqm/hr for outdoor displays. The Shark's ability to print on rigid flat substrates and flexible roll-to-roll materials gives users a huge range of choice and the ability to produce a wide selection of products cost effectively.

"We have developed a printer which combines the best quality, with the best speed and the highest level of flexibility at the most competitive price", says Radim Kralik, General Manager of Grapo. "Using this single machine a company can react quickly to clients' changing needs."

The Shark is the result of two years development by Grapo's R&D team. Xaar 760 greyscale printheads were chosen after careful evaluation. "It's the integration of our control software with Xaar's excellent printhead technology that allows us to manage and vary ink drop sizes accurately to give a choice of print modes," adds Radin Kralik. "The operator chooses the best mode for the job. Small 8 picolitre drops for high quality photographic results for close-up indoor viewing, and high productivity larger drop output for outdoor viewing."

The Shark uses UV inks manufactured by SunJet and joins the Octopus II and Manta printers in the Grapo range to provide users with a choice of formats and speeds to suit volume and application requirements.

"We are very proud to be associated with this new printer. Flexibility underlines every aspect and it has been well engineered to deliver impressive performance," says Steve Knight, Sales Manager EMEA, Xaar.


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