As we have already reported, James Gandy, president of Gandinnovations, was honoured for his contributions to the advancements in grand-format digital imaging as recipient of the coveted 2008 Innovator Award.

Not only did the company earn this most prestigious honour, it also swept DPI Product of the Year and Partner of the Year award categories.


Brothers James and Hary Gandi with their DPI Award

Entries for the DPI Product of the Year competition were judged on the Expo show floor by a team of digital imaging professionals.  In the Output Device category, Gandinnovations was bestowed honours in the categories of Grand Format (Solvent Ink) for its 3324 Solvent Roll-to-Roll; and in Textile for Gandinnovations Jeti Aquajet. 

Entrants were required to submit a test print, produced from the nominated device. The image, designed by SGIA, was intended to challenge the output device’s capabilities.

In addition to Product of the Year winners, Partner Awards were given to companies for RIP software and media products used to create the winning prints.  In the category of Output Devices, Gandinnovations received high marks of distinction in Grand Format (Solvent Ink) and Textile: (RIP) for Gandisoft RIP Version, (Media) 3P Inkjet Textiles Corp.


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