Cactus Imaging Australia today announces three exciting developments:


 Keith Ferrel

 nigel 001.gif

 Nigel Spicer

 hp scitex xp2700_.gif

 HP Scitex XP2700

1. Nigel Spicer Appointed As General Manager Of Cactus Imaging Australia Nigel has been with Cactus Imaging for over 10 years and has previously headed up the Sales and Marketing Division in Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand.

2. Keith Ferrel To Spearhead Strategic Accounts. Keith, who founded Cactus Imaging with Warwick Spicer, has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is widely recognised as an industry authority on Out of Home Printing. Keith will work at a
strategic level with key accounts so that the business continues to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring that Cactus Imaging remains the market leader.

3. Cactus Imaging Purchases State-Of-The-Art HP Scitex XP 2700
The HP 2700 is a printer that delivers superior image quality, perfect for internal displays, backlits, hanging banners and posters. The HP Scitex XP 2700 also uses environmentally favoured UV ink which is in line with the company’s strong philosophy on using sustainable alternatives within its production.

Commenting on these announcements, Cliff Brigstocke (OPUS Print Group CEO), said “In what can only be described as a true win win, Cactus Imaging will take the next step in strategic development. It is a win for the key Cactus customers who will now have dedicated support and strategic development from Keith Ferrel – one of the most dedicated and experienced Out of Home specialists in the country.

Customers also benefit from the purchase of the HP Scitex XP 2700 as it provides Cactus Imaging with the ability to produce every part of the print campaign from large billboards and building wraps right through to in-store posters and retail displays.”

“Importantly it is also a win for the team at Cactus who are celebrating Nigel’s appointment and the extension of the family association within this very proud business.”

Cactus Imaging

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