IDS Displays has been appointed as an official re-seller of I-SIGN, the new digital backlit display and delivery system.

After attending a recent seminar at HMH Australia’s offices, IDS Displays were quick to sign-up and are amongst the first to embrace this new technology which will change the way that backlit signage is produced.

map2.gifIDS Displays directors Ian Wall and Bruce Scott have been researching and analysing the digital lightboxes ( LCD screens ) which they say will eventually erode the traditional backlit market and have assessed the I-Sign system to be perfect for their needs. They both agree that transferring digital images via the internet to an LCD lightbox is the next important developmental stage in Lightbox imaging and installation.

“The future of signage and graphic imaging has arrived along with the explosive growth in electronic technology, plasma and LCD screens. As the traditional backlit display market begins to shrink, digital imaging is moving in to take its place. It will bring with it many benefits to IDS Displays and their customers.

The fact that we can make a file change or upload a new image into a Lightbox from our office or laptop computer via the server and have the image transferred through the wonders of the wireless technology will enable a whole lot more flexibility for our clients.

The added advantage is that where images are replaced frequently the I-Sign system will pay for itself as the costs of physical production of the image and installation visit will become almost obsolete.” Wall said.
The new I-sign has been designed to plug into the mains power and wherever there is wireless internet connection and does not require any other cabling.  With this available you have instant access to delivery of any images you want to display at any time.

The Digital backlit Sign is the brainchild of Mr. Marcus Adler who claims, “It is as easy to install as a Light Box, maybe even easier”.

An image can be transferred from your computer screen via wireless with a press of a button once loaded onto the server. Within seconds your display can be seen on your client’s Lightbox locally or half way round the world.

The images can also be programmed to change following a pre-set time schedule from the server as well as how long you want your signs displayed and what sort of transition you want between signs.

In the past the time to change a backlit sign from delivery of file could take up to 6 hours or more to print, trim, deliver and install the graphic image. In future the time to change an I-Sign from a completed file to installation of graphic can take less than 4 minutes.

IDS Displays will be demonstrating I-Sign at Visual Impact/Image Expo on stand # 184 & 199 in Hall 1 along with other new products.

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