Recognising that many wide format printers study our magazine in their leasure time as well as during their working hours, the publishers have added Sudoku as an added incentive for graphic arts people to spend even more time with Wide Format Online magazine whilst doing some mental exercising.

Brian Stickland, publisher of Wide Format Online said that mental fitness is as equally important as physical fitness, technical knowledge and all the other requisites of being your best when staying ahead in business. It is easy for a business person to lapse into a routine and repeat almost the same pattern day in and day out which provides little exercise for the grey matter.

"So whilst we have placed Sudoko onto Wide Format Online magazine, it is not to say that we are encouraging our readers to play games instead of working. We know that most of our readers are in business for themselves and are extremely busy people. However we also hope that they will see the value in regular mental exercising and its use as a business tool." said Stickland.

Apart from that many graphic arts people are Sudoku addicts and simply enjoy the game.

Sudoku can be found by hitting the button on the right under Jokes & Videos.

Wide Format Online magazine

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