Toner that looks like – and feels like - marbles, that can deliver excellent quality on plain and recycled paper and is at least twice as fast as conventional inkjet printers, is this the way of the future?

Océ certainly believes so. Having spent 150 million euros on development, the new Océ CrystalPoint technology is about to showcase in Australia with the imminent release of the Océ ColorWave 600 wide format system.

neil.gifVisiting Australia to help with the launch, Océ’s International Product Marketing Manager, Neil Westhof, says the Océ ColorWave 600 has been greeted with enthusiastic acceptance in Europe and the USA.

“In the USA, we launched it in May at the IRgA Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, and sold dozens of units on the stand,” Westhof says. “Even greater success has been achieved throughout Europe.”

“The technology delivers high quality on plain and recycled paper which has appeal to a wide selection of markets, notably print-for-pay, CAD and GIS.

“Users can produce a wide range of applications, including plan printing, mapping, business graphics and point of sale that can be printed at speeds of up to half a minute per square metre allowing them to deliver quantity as well as quality.

“Océ TonerPearls, are loaded in transparent cartridges in plain view of the operator. TonerPearls are rolled into the printer as needed and converted into a toner gel, which is then jetted onto the paper. It is then crystallised offering instantly dry prints ready for distribution.

 “A bonus for the user, which we have discovered in Europe, is that printers like to see how much toner they have left and they like to know that every last pearl has been used, which is not always the case with liquid ink. It’s a bit like our desire to get the last squeeze of toothpaste out of the tube.”

Westhof also points to a silky shine on the output, which adds to the presentation on any media.

The 42” printer can load as many as six media rolls, each holding up to 200 metres of paper, allowing variation in the media size and type used.

Westhof also emphasises the environmental benefits of the new system. “With no ozone, no fine powder and odourless prints, as well as minimised media waste and the ability to print on recycled media, Océ CrystalPoint technology and the Océ ColorWave 600 are good for the environment inside and outside the office.”

Océ Australia


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