EskoArtwork announced today the availability of Neo 2.0, its native PDF 1.7 editor which offers full-scale PDF editing and full access to all Enfocus PitStop functionality.

This standalone PDF viewer and editor allows users to easily correct both text and object content in multipage PDF files for fast, efficient, last-minute file updates and corrections.

“As printers continue to face the increasing challenges associated with a competitive marketplace and demand for faster

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production cycles, EskoArtwork is dedicated to making tools available that improve productivity for these businesses,” says Frank Vyncke, Director PDF Production Software Product Group, “Neo 2.0 enables users to perform last-minute corrections quickly and safely allowing them to ready-to-print the PDF files upon receipt.”

Enfocus Integration
Neo 2.0 perfectly integrates Enfocus PitStop Professional with the two applications sharing the same database of preflight profiles and action lists. “This means that Action Lists can be created and modified within Neo 2.0 as easily, and with the same functionality as in Enfocus PitStop Professional,” adds Vyncke. “We are also aggressively working to leverage synergies between EskoArtwork and Enfocus products to create even better alignment in production workflow. Neo 2.0 is a great example of the culmination of these efforts.”

PDF Editing
Neo 2.0 delivers an unprecedented level of standalone PDF editing, including the ability to edit virtually anything within the PDF document, including fonts, traps and page boxes. This easy-to-use native PDF editing capability eliminates the need to revert to the original document for changes and corrections, saving huge amounts of time and streamlining the prepress process. Customers report that they have been able to reduce the average time to perform quality control on a large, complex file by 20% or more using Neo.

“We are looking forward to sharing this outstanding capability with the North American printing community at Graph Expo,” comments Vyncke. “We think attendees will be amazed at how quickly Neo 2.0 allows them to make last-minute changes when errors are discovered, even if the job is already on press. This includes fixing, adjusting and exchanging such things as tints, overprints and images on a final PDF, allowing operators to request new plates and be back on press in minutes.”

EskoArtwork Neo 2.0: Unprecedented Power in a Standalone PDF Editor

Commercial printers can now leverage their investments in PDF workflows, Enfocus Pitstop Professional and more by using EskoArtwork Neo 2.0 for quality control and editing in the production process. New features of Neo 2.0 include:

·     Full Compatibility with Enfocus PitStop Professional 08. Neo 2.0 is compatible with Enfocus PitStop Professional 08. Any PDF file can now be preflighted directly in Neo without the need to first save the file as a Certified PDF.

Support for Enfocus PitStop Action Lists. PitStop Pro Action Lists can be applied to any document open in Neo. Any change made in Neo will immediately be available in PitStop Professional since Neo and PitStop Professional share the same database of preflight profiles and action lists.

Extended Text Editing. Text editing has been extended to support linked text blocks, making it easy to make changes to text that influence more than one text block. Any text block can be linked to another text block on the same page, and text will flow between the text blocks during edits. Text links can even be exchanged between Neo and Adobe® Illustrator® when working with inPDF.

PDF Flattening. Flattening has been added to Neo, allowing flattening of files to any PDF version. Results can be reviewed in an interactive process.

Floating License. Within prepress production environments, operators are not necessarily editing and correcting PDF files full time. The floating license accommodates environments where only occasional edits are required with the ability to share licenses across multiple operators without the need for moving dongles from one station to another.

Neo 2.0 is immediately available and will be distributed through EskoArtwork’s regular sales channels.



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