EskoArtwork will demonstrate its expanded offering of applications for signs and displays at Visual Impact Image Expo 2008, Stand 113-115 at Hall 1&2, from 30 October – 1 November 2008.

Companies in the printing industry are striving to propel efficiency to its next level and at the same time assay the best operational practices to adopt in order to create value and remain competitive. EskoArtwork’s mission is to help its customers gather all the systems, software, hardware and skills available to them and effectively connect these into high-performance workflows. Operator guidance, process automation and supply chain collaboration are the drivers fueling EskoArtwork’s innovations.

Kongsberg i-XL 20: Flatbed plotting table for every need

With a work area of 1680mm x 1270mm (66” x 50”) EskoArtwork’s Kongsberg i-XL20 finishing table integrates the Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering (MGE) i-cut® vision system. This camera measures actual dimensions and positions on the actual printed result and the finishing is then adapted to the shape of the graphics. With the MGE i-cut® vision system, you are guaranteed a cut contour that perfectly matches the printed graphics. The Kongsberg i-XL complements digital printing of sign and displays with a unique finishing solution for the widest range of materials, providing automation, high productivity and outstanding precision. Thanks to its rock-solid construction with very strong vacuum grip, the Kongsberg i-XL flatbed plotting cutter is the ideal platform for handling the most demanding materials, delivering record-breaking productivity and versatility..

ArtiosCAD – Structural design solution for packaging professionals

EskoArtwork will be demonstrating version 7.4 of ArtiosCAD, the world’s most popular structural design software for packaging design. ArtiosCAD tools are specifically designed for packaging professionals for product development, virtual prototyping and manufacturing, and version 7.4 has new design geometry and file integration features. ArtiosCAD 7.4 can extract vector geometry data from PDF files and automatically create ARD structure files, while 3D solids with edges can be optimized when rotated. By supporting VMware Fusion for the Mac using Windows XP Professional, users can run ArtiosCAD on the Mac, and Score! native files can be opened directly in ArtiosCAD.

SignUp: Nesting workflow application for digital sign production

EskoArtwork will also demonstrate its recently introduced SignUp, an interactive layout application for digital sign and display shops, and large format digital press owners, who are looking to streamline production and minimize material waste. SignUp is perfect for tiling for oversized jobs and billboards. With SignUp, one-up jobs arrive from desktop design and publishing packages and layouts are created based on ordered quantities and job priorities. SignUp can conduct nesting for rectangular as well as irregular shapes, based on the cutting contour. From there, SignUp sends a PDF file to the press and simultaneously sends finishing information to the Kongsberg cutting table.

Geert De Proost, EskoArtwork Director Digital Converting Software product group, comments: “Sign and display shops are always under pressure for time and cost. With SignUp, EskoArtwork has created a very easy to use, powerful and unique workflow tool that is specifically dedicated to reduce the cost of sign and display production. Utilizing the same expertise and knowledge we have gained from nesting unusual shapes for packaging, we have provided a tool to cut and trim signs and displays efficiently.”

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