Sun LLC and their Australian partners Advanced Sign Supplies will launch the new 1.6m Neo UV-LED Evolution at the Sydney Image Expo to be held on 30 October 2008.

This new 1.6m model offers all the advantages of high-quality "green" printing, unmatched speed and the ability to print safely on a much wider range of materials.  Sun llc have especially designed this model to suit those customers with limited floor space and a desire to move to safer and more cost efficient production.

new evolution.jpgThe Neo UV-LED Evolution Printer does not need costly ventilation systems.  It's UV-LED Technology opens up increased opportunities to meet the needs of a wide-range of production requirements including; sign making, POP applications and personalisation of merchandise.  The Neo UV-LED Evolution is so versatile it can be used to print images on furniture, glass, ceramic tile, plastics, metals, PVC, Vinyls and most building materials.  In fact the Neo UV-LED Evolution is able to print onto almost any material you desire.

The Neo UV-LED Evolution printer can be configured in 5 or 7 colour options (CMYK+W, CMYKLcLm+W). It uses two Konica Minolta 512MH print heads for each colour ensuring the best quality output.  The unique UV-LED process also ensures safe, cool, reliable and cost efficient poduction that is far superior to conventional UV curing methods.

The Neo UV-LED Evolution printer uses Sunflower Nanotechnology ink.  This new ink set ensures trouble free printing (with absolutely no clogging of print heads) and a superior quality of print.  Sunflower ink is now becoming the preferred ink choice of thousands of customers throughout the world.  Sunflower have ink products suitable for most printer models on the market.

In the near future Sun llc will introduce an up-grade path which will increase production speed to 44m2 per hour.

Be the First in the world to see the new Neo UV-LED Evolution at Visual Impact Image Expo.  The 1.6m model will be featured on our Australian Distributor's booths 271, 272, 285 and 286 at the Exhibition.

Advanced Sign Supplies Pty Ltd


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