Outdoor media companies will limit alcohol advertising on fixed signs near primary and secondary schools as part of the industry’s commitment to responsible advertising.

The Board of the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) voted unanimously to adopt a formal policy, binding all members to follow new guidelines relating to the advertising of any alcohol products.

The policy, to come into effect by 31 March 2009, requires outdoor media operators to limit the advertising of alcohol products on fixed inventory located within a 150 metre sight line of a school.

It will also see media owners only accepting copy for alcohol advertising that has been pre-vetted under the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC).

OMA Chief Executive Officer Helen Willoughby said a number of members already had systems in place to restrict alcohol advertising around schools.

“Some of our members have installed management systems that block bookings of alcohol products around schools,” Ms Willoughby said.

“This new policy formalises the position across the entire industry, reducing the risk of alcohol advertisements inadvertently targeting young people who are not of a legal drinking age.”

Ms Willoughby said there would be some locations near schools where alcohol advertising restrictions were not possible, such as in the vicinity of a club, pub or bottle shop. 

However, she said it was expected that these would be the exception rather than the rule.

Earlier this year, a Senate Committee rejected the Alcohol Toll Reduction Bill 2007 which sought to impose further government restrictions on alcohol advertising.  Instead, Committee members argued the advertising industry should continue to progress measures that minimised any adverse impact on young people from alcohol advertising.

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