At SGIA Atlanta, Caldera will be launching its new Wide Format Business Workflow solution, FLOW+. The product,  an intelligent combination of an MIS (Management Information System), an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and a CRM (Customer Relation Management), is the first Workflow software which will interact directly with the RIP spooler.

Flow+ is a complete business workflow solution for PRINT professionals who want a tool capable of managing all information from all company departments. The central data of the workflow is the JOB Ticket, which represents the JOB to be delivered to a client. FLOW+ will the monitor all the necessary phases of the commercial and production process: JOB card, quote, order, inventory, planning, print, finishing, delivery and invoice.

“The launch of this product will be the opportunity to express a new vision, our vision, one where the RIP must be more intelligent and needs to be fully integrated in the organization of a Print Business. For many years now, we have invested our energy and talent, as well as that of our clients, in the development of a solution for “Business Automation & Control” says Joseph Mergui, Caldera CEO.

The key innovation is that FLOW+ will get « live » information from Caldera’s Super Spooler directly from the RIP, automatically updating information about the job process:  file availability, printing status, planning.  Sales, planning and production departments will be able to monitor the Job production cycle “live”.

 “This solution was designed to help our clients improve their JOB management. User benefits include increased productivity, better service performance and improved ROI” says Sebastien Hanssens, Caldera VP of Marketing.


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