Fifteen containers of Alcan Composite board materials arrive into warehouses ahead of Visual Impact Image Expo. Entire exhibition stand to be constructed from Alcan Composites.


Containers of Alcan Composite materials are unpacked at SDS’s Sydney and Melbourne warehouses

Starleaton Digital Solutions has backed its appointment as distributor for Alcan Composite board materials used in the signage and display industry, with the arrival of fifteen container loads of Gatorfoam, Forex, Fome-Cor, Sintra, Kapa and other composite boards into its Melbourne and Sydney warehouses, with quantities also destined for Perth and Brisbane.

“We have always believed that the best way to look after customers is with the best possible supply-chain and that means investing in inventory,” says SDS General Manager Ben Eaton. “The Alcan Composites range covers many applications, interior and exterior, sizes, thicknesses and surfaces so we have carefully analyzed market needs and put the stock on the shelves.”

At Visual Impact Image Expo, Sydney from October 30th, visitors will see first-hand the versatility of Alcan Composite materials from SDS. The company’s booth is to be constructed and digitally imaged using various Alcan Composite materials. “There are few limits to the creative applications possible with Alcan Composites,” says Eaton, “so we decided to push the envelope and brief our design company to go for it at Visual Impact Image Expo. We have seen some amazing applications from architectural model-making and prototyping, up to point-of sale and even light furnishings constructed from these versatile composite materials.”

Starleaton Digital Solutions will be on stands 201/206 at Visual Impact Image Expo, Sydney Exhibition Centre, October 30th to November 1st. The 100% Australian-owned company is celebrating 30 years in the industry.

Starleaton Digital Solutions


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