Foamalite PVC sheeting is made in Ireland by Foamalite Ltd., and is part of a broader range of extruded foam PVC and Polyester sheeting.

Andrew Wells, Marketing Manager for Celmac said that the product is supplied with polyethylene masking on one side or without coating on request. "The masking film removes cleanly revealing a smooth surface finish ideally suited for screen and digital printing applications.

"FoamaLite’s fine cell structure and smooth surface finish makes it the preferred choice of professional printers, sign makers and exhibition contractors throughout Europe. The renowned FoamaLite quality ensures dependable, reliable performance and excellent results.

"The consistent quality is achieved through strict adherence to stringent quality control procedures. FoamaLite is produced under stringent environmental controls and is free from barium, cadmium and lead," said Wells.

Celmac Pty Ltd

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