The Z3200 is a 12-ink pigment printer that comes in both 24-inch and 44-inch models. It now complements the existing Z Series of Z2100, Z3100 and Z6100 models. The Z3200 Vivera inkset includes a new Chromatic Red ink, Quad Black inks and a gloss optimiser.

HP were the first to introduce a built in spectrophotometer and the Z3200 continues that tradition but it also comes with an enhanced Colour Center tool for easier calibration and profiling.

The unit can print photo quality resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi at a speed of up to 12.4 minutes for an A1 colour print coupled with the usual claimed permanence of up to 200 years as long as the correct paper is used.

The printer offers Ethernet connectivity, as well as a USB 2.0 high speed port and an EIO Jetdirect accessory slot.

The Z3200 is expected to ship in the US in October, with price tags of US$3395.00 for the 24-inch model and US$5595.00 for the 44 inch model

No announcements have yet been made about this new model in Australia as yet.

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