The Open Day attracted just under 70 visitors on the day and were treated to a range of samples printed by the new TeckStorm UV Printer – everything from doors to canvas to wall tiles.

Special industry guests included John Hadfield of Knowledge Information Management (KiM), Don McCallum from XAAR, Greg Sharan of Finance@Work, Tim Loader from Tekcel CNC Machinery, Jeff Kline from Ergosoft, Andreas Johanssen from Epson and Mark O’Rourke from Megawood.

 (Above)The TeckStorm being demonstrated (Below) the Tekcel cutting the printed job
 The Epson GS6000 eco solvent printer impressed everybody
Phil Trumble, Technical Director of Positive Camtec said that a highlight of the open house was the demonstration of the latest Print‐To‐Cut technology, which is a marrying of print technologies from Teckwin and router cutting technology from Tekcel.

Graphics printed by the TeckStorm UV printer were placed onto the Tekcel Verso router and the cutting path was
automatically aligned and adjusted to suit the graphics by the OptiCAM Auto Registration system. OptiCAM has been completely  developed in‐house by Tekcel ensuring complete integration into the Verso router ‐ automatically adjusting
the cutting path for slant and distortion.

“The OptiCAM represents a huge leap forward in technology,” said Ray Clarke, “offering a true CNC Router with
unmatched print‐to‐cut alignment – even automatically adjusting for distortion or size discrepancies.”

“The TeckStorm UV printer opens so many new avenues by printing onto a wide variety of materials, not only your typical
lightweight materials like corflute and foam board, but products like timber, composite aluminium, acrylic even laminated
chipboard and Colorbond. In order to cut these heavy‐duty materials after printing, you need an industrial router like the Verso and the OptiCAM system.

In order to print onto special materials like glass, clear acrylic and dark materials, you need white ink which is standard on the TeckStorm," said Trumble.

Also highlighted throughout the day was the new 8‐colour Epson GS6000 Eco Solvent printer powered by Ergosoft RIP software. The print quality and colour reproduction certainly impressed the Open House visitors who were the first in NSW to see the machine in action.

“I was very pleased with the performance of the Epson GS6000 printer,” said Jeff Kline from Ergosoft. “Once profiled with Ergosoft, the colours were astounding and the Orange and Green inks certainly made a huge impact to the colour gamut.”

“Ergosoft has long been acclaimed for it’s exceptional colour management system and handling of multi‐colour devices, which made it the perfect choice for Positive Camtec to drive our range of extended colour gamut printers for sign making and dye sublimation” commented Scott Donkin, Positive Camtec’s Colour Engineer. “The workflow is powerful and the colour results are second to none.”

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